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A missive from Echer'Naught

(Addressed to Sgt. Dominguez, enclosed with Maggie’s brooch.)

Please accept my resignation, hopefully temporary. As you know, I’ve been separated from my husband for some time. While I was on duty at the signing at Echer’Naught, Colonel Wolfhaven consulted me with some pressing news regarding his whereabouts, as well as some activity involving the forces of Darkness. No force in Shaintar will keep me from pursuing this, therefore, I must excuse myself from duties in Coastline.

I shall draft some explanation as we travel. Should I fail to survive this test, I’ll have it sent to you. At the very least, I owe you and my squad that much. I’d much rather offer it in the flesh, but I think I know what I’m up against, and I can’t say it’s a safe bet that I’ll make it out the other end in one piece.

There is nothing interesting to report on the signing: things went peacefully, and so far as I could see, everyone was on their best behaviour. I did get to watch a dog try to race a Brinchie. (The Brinchie won.) In short, rather dull, which is good.

Please relay my regrets to my squad.


Ranger 1st Class Maggie Silver

The Matter of the Troll in the Sewers
as reported by Maggie Silver

Edwin the ogre is transferred to Coastline to study with the local cathedral, who hope to get him to stop saying “Big Arky” for Archanon. And also make him an outstanding priest/paladin I guess.

The Rangers learn that some more families have been carried off by mystery monsters from the sewers. Olarans or no Olarans, it is time for action!

By “action” they mean “investigating some more to figure out where to enter.” While they’re working on that (and convincing the local populace that the hordes of small Goblinesh attackers were not, in fact, Goblins but Troglodytes), Maeve notices that they’re being shadowed. Edwin, lacking any sort of subtlety, calls out for the follower to show himself. He does.

It’s Vanetti, Maeve’s new boyfriend (she just doesn’t know it yet)! He addresses her as his “beautiful angel of Light,” causing her to blush and stammer and Maggie to grab some popcorn to enjoy the show. Turns out, he’s been lurking around and taking jobs he thinks Maeve will approve of, in hopes of impressing her, and seems to feel that the current jaunt into the sewers will fit the bill. (Also he probably wants an opportunity to check out Maeve’s butt.)

Also Maeve’s horse is now telepathic and decides that the group must be tortured with an image of a horse in a corset. That Damn Horse.

With the help of a sooperdooper map they acquired in their previous poogas adventure, the Rangers locate an entry to the area that will allow for both an ogre and a horse that is not currently wearing a corset. There, they find a lot of troglodytes, which, despite superior numbers, are quickly turned into just more mess in the sewers.

At Maggie’s instruction, Edwin does some demolition work on a wall to reveal a hallway and also skeletons, which are not terribly unusual in sewers, only these ones are moving on their own. Also they shoot Edwin, who doesn’t seem to care much but smashes them anyway.

Once all the skellingtons and trogs are smashed to bits, Our Heroes discover there is a TROLL (which they were expecting) and also SHAYAKAR (which they weren’t expecting as much). And the Shayakar recognise Maggie, because they were sent by her husband! Maggie is not thrilled about this and murdelizes a few. Maeve and That Damn Horse also do a lot of murdelizing, even though one of the Shayakars has a portal barfing out leechmans like bad sushi. Leechman sushi would probably be pretty terrible anyway.

Meanwhile, Edwin is playing whack-a-troll (thanks to aid from Liarra tying it up with illusory chains) and Liarra is rescuing the kidnapped families, who are fortunate that the troll apparently was waiting for them to ripen.

Having dealt with all the bad guys, Our Heroes return to the surface to do a lot of bathing, and everyone is happy except Maggie, who is going to have some freaked out words with her superiors re: imminent darkness issues and a possible transfer to the other side of the Everwall.

The Matter of the Return of Scarlet Dram

NoteA period of time has passed where reports were not filed. In game reality, this is due to some internal issues with the Grey Lanterns. Out of game, it’s mainly just my fault as a GM

Mission Assignment

Stop the disturbance in the city.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 16th of White Stag, 3122, Corporal Erika reporting.

Upon a villager coming into the ranger compound demanding help for a disturbance in the city, I gathered what rangers were available to see to the matter. Upon arrival in one of the squares it was obvious that some sort of brawl was about to take place. It appeared that a mercinary group and some of the villagers were having a stand off. Unfortunately neither side looked ‘right.’ Both sides were jittery and not responding to normal stimuli appropriately.

Liarra stated that the same type of thing had happened in a previous mission of hers and the cause was a type of ‘floater’. Across the way I could see another party of rangers coming into the area. Between the two of us we managed to subdue most of the villagers and mercinaries. Unfortunately we could not stop two smaller groups from killing each other.

After questioning the local guardsman (whom we really need to access the training of said city guards) it was determined that they had all come out of the nearby Pelican Pub. As we go to investigate Tra’FeraRaer the druid brinchie turns into a bird to look at the surrounding area.

We talk with the bartender, whom Maeve will not give an inch to, to discover that the ‘floater’ was a drink called “The Scarlet Dram”. He had been serving this drink for a couple of weeks now. He gets his supply from a man called Joler “Jolly” Vern. The bartender agrees to relinquish the remainder of his stock and continue to give us further information regarding the subject. I will see to it that this ‘floater’ is no longer available in this city.

Tra’FeraRaer gives out a warning cry and I call for the rangers to follow immediately. I leave the guardsman to bring the stock of Scarlet Dram back to the ranger headcourters.

Tra’FeraRaer discovered Jolly himself running away from the Pub area and intercepted them. We manage to capture Jolly’s crew and the crew he had hidden away in one of the storehouses in the city. From Jolly we learn where his batch is coming from. Now that he is arrested along with his fellow criminals we shall investigate the source location.

Per Maeve the shack location is the same place that a more subtile ‘floater’ had been found and discontinued. There must be more to this shack then meets the eye. We hire a boatswoman to take us to the island. Before we arrive Tra’FeraRaer once again turns into a bird and manages to transform back into himself and stuff a bedroll into the smoking chimney. Once the smoke starts building up and causing confusion for the criminals we dock the boat and proceed to deal with the situation. The Orc Zerug we captured tells us about the hidden ladder that leads to catacombs under the shack. He dared not go down there due to Troglodytes, Hobgoblins, and the Redstore.

We make it down into the cavern only to be beset upon by said Troglodytes, Hobgoblins, and Redstore operatives. We find a portal of somesort that continually summons what can only be described as Blood Pudding people or Leechman. Maeve manages to put up some sort of light barrier to desist the continual flow of these horrible creatures. I locate the source of the spell for the portal. It is the Vampiress Tori Dragato who is protected by her lover. He seems to be somewhere inbetween being changed and not. It is hard to tell. The light from Maeve is reflected onto the vampiress while Pathfinder shoots and everwood arrow into her. Tra’FeraRaer eventually kills her by shoving the everwood arrow already in her into her dark black heart.

Tra’FeraRaer reports that there is a female brinchie face he saw at the alter behind where the Vampiress died. Luckily she did not look quite right and he managed to not fall for her promises and charms. Olren proceeds in his rage to break the alter, and his greatsword. I shall have to help procure him another one. Preferably with white silver. This shall be added into the budget.

Upon investigation the Scarlet Dram is apparently a boosted floater that is embedded with something from a being known as ’The Blood Witch". This is a Greater Being that I do not know but looking through reports it appears that there are holes from other worlds that are coming into our own.

We shall remain vigilant in our watch and continue to stamp out these floaters and the Redstore.

Additional Information:
Erika – promoted to Corpral

Olren – procured a new GreatSword

Pathfinder – has left to do his own buisness

Tra’FeraRaer – left for a druid sancutary on personal buisness.

Maeve – Has left on her own mission, followed Tra’FeraRaer

The Matter of Ceynara's Island

Mission Assignment

Flush out the Maelstrom presence from an ancient temple to Ceynara and rescue their victims.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 30th of Harvest Moons, 3122, Essten na Tarsta reporting for Darian Danatar

Another new recruit: an Olaran by name of Olren. A rather interesting person; I recommend the attached report.

Following up from the Matter of Zem the Skittish (1), the ancient temple was finally located, and the Rangers of Coastline set out to rescue any surviving prisoners and defeat the occupying Maelstrom forces.

The group impressively dealt with the Childer ambush set up to defend the shore, then located and infiltrated the temple proper. They were fortunate enough to interrupt the ritual before any further victims could be sacrificed (2)

Perhaps the Raven was watching them that day, for it turns out that the Acolyte in charge was the very same person who eradicated Ranger Byrne’s immediate family in her youth. Ranger Byrne reportedly dealt justice to this man herself. A fitting end, and impressive from this young Adept.

The prisoners were freed without injury, and the ritual implements destroyed. One soldier- likely a local mercenary- surrendered to Ranger First Zori. There are reports that Ranger First Silver was affected mentally by the battle; I shall keep an eye on this development.

(1) See report: Rangers of Coastline, 23rd of Red Wolf, 3122

(2)Corporal Griatta has been commended for her efforts in defending prisoners during the battle.

The Matter of the Lightning Ale

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline investigate and cut off a source of deadly floaters.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 6th of Forest Dance, 3122, Essten na Tarsta reporting for Darian Danatar

There has been a new recruit in Coastline: a young aevakar named Rithian. He appears competent enough.

While guiding this recruit on patrol, Rangers First Silver and Zori and Rangers Byrne and Griatta ran into trouble from some local ne’er-do-wells: a group run by the Ollerik Brothers (which see for further information, scanty as it may be). The humans were under the influence of a new sort of floater, known on the streets as Lightning Ale,(1) which grants great physical enhancement at the cost of behaving much like one overwhelmed by the Beast, and at the risk of weeklong sleep or death. As humans have little discipline in such areas, this was clearly a dangerous problem.

The group was quickly subdued and secured in a local warehouse, cared for by an apothecary. Ranger Byrne levied her talents and connections to locate the local source of the problem, a hidden speakeasy. The rangers infiltrated and handily shut down the operation, making several arrests. (2)

Through interrogation, the regional source of the floater was discovered: Mogdar the Mindful, a very intelligent and cunning businessogre connected with the Red Store, operating out of a shack by the river.

It bears mentioning that Ranger First Zori did a stunning job acting as a buyer, and eventually convincing Mogdar to surrender. This ranger has certainly earned their leadership status!

With careful interrogation, Mogdar revealed that the ultimate source of Lightning Ale (as well as several other new floaters) was Hargrove Marrick, working with Volik the Builder.(3) Merrick’s aim was to cause suffering and mayhem in the city, as revenge for his previous humiliation, in addition to exploring a new avenue of business. (I cannot fathom a successful business with a product which runs the risk of killing customers, but perhaps there is some human logic in it.)

(1) Samples have been procured for investigation and are en route to the laboratory as of this writing. The floaters contain arcmantic as well as alchemical elements, and as such are of great interest.

(2) I have filed a suggestion to encourage further recruitment in the local constabulary to aid in the custody of those taken in by these competent rangers. I foresee a great problem in housing prisoners if their successes (and our enemies’ actions) continue.

(3) See Rangers of Coastline report “”/wikis/the-matter-of-gab-the-git" class=“wiki-page-link”> the Matter of Gab the Git" 33rd Red Wolf, 3122.

Important NPCs:
the Ollerik Brothers (at large)

Mogdar the Mindful (in custody)

Cecelia (Human soceror hired by Mogdar) (in custody)

Hargrove Merrick (at large)

Volik the Builder (at large)

The Matter of Zem the Skittish

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline respond to a strange, crude note left mysteriously on the door of their HQ. It directs them to the small coastal village of Jhassa, recently attacked by slavers and childer.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 23rd of Red Wolf, 3122, Darian Danatar reporting

Sergeant Dominguez discovered a crude note tacked to the door of the Coastline Ranger HQ early one morning -

_bad hapen

mor bad hapen soon

look fish vilaj cald josa

look bot

fin rats_

The Rangers figured out that the note refers to the fishing village of Jhassa, where they discovered the entire place nearly wiped out and most of the population missing or dead. Ratzin soon attacked, along with a gargoyle, and by all accounts were dispatched after some difficulty.

Further evidence revealed that Maelstrom mercenaries, using childer as shock troops, captured a large number of the population and stole them away to an awaiting ship. There is apparently a site of an ancient temple to Ceynara on a small island nearby, where sacrifices will be made in an attempt to open a Cauldron.

I am attempting to put together a task force and acquire a ship to find and sail to this island in hope of stopping the ritual and freeing those captured before they are sacrificed. Any aid from central authorities will be greatly appreciated.

With great respect and the honor to serve,

Darian Danatar

NoteZem, now the self-appointed protector of the Jhassa area, was first encountered in this mission.

The Matter of Gab the Git

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline were sent to investigate the murder of a goblin known by the alias “Gab the Git.”

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 33rd of Red Wolf, 3122, Essten na Tarsta reporting for Darian Danatar

Investigating rangers responded to a late-morning report that Coastline citizen Gab the Git, known locally as a gambler and confidence man, (see attached file “Coastline Informant”) had been found dead by the docks from a throat wound; foul play was suspected. Responding rangers were Ranger First Class Maggie Silver and Rangers Liarra Byrne,Zori, and Griatta. At the scene, a pair of prospective recruits— eldakar sorceror Theolyr and a human sorceror alternately claiming the names Timothy and Azrael(1)— had already begun crowd control and investigation. Rangers Byrne(2) and Griatta secured the scene and deputised Theolyr and Timothy/Azrael, while Ranger Zori and Ranger 1st Silver turned their attention to the surrounding areas.

Ranger Griatta and Timothy/Azrael investigated the body; the latter discovered the remains of foreign flesh beneath the victim’s fingernails, evidence of a struggle as well as of the probable murderer. Ranger Griatta, aided by the deputies, gathered the victim’s body and set out to track down the murderer using her superior olfactory sense. Ranger Byrne left the scene to gather information on her own.

Ranger 1st Silver and Ranger Zori located the victim’s place of residence and investigated. Ranger Silver examined the area, finding and confiscating the victim’s notes regarding criminal activity in the area and copies of reports of such to local law enforcement. (3) Of particular interest were notes regarding Malakaran trade and the Red Store, and a meeting between local smuggling operation “the Steel Sharks” and the Shozim. (See respective reports for further information on both organizations.) Deputy Ranger Blodwen (4) was dispatched with an encoded message relaying the information to Ranger Zori, then, upon the deputy’s return, to Ranger Griatta.

Ranger Zori interviewed neighbors and the landlord, who suggested a human moneylender, Blarick Littlejohn, alias Blarick the Bold, alias Blarick the Blob, as a possible suspect; the victim was known to owe substantial amounts of money. Ranger Zori has determined that he has no involvement in this case. Ranger Zori seems also to have agreed to compose advertisements for his moneylending service in exchange for his help. (A strange exchange for a ranger!)

Ranger Byrne discovered the locations of the Steel Sharks’ two main hideouts: the Brass Pipe and the Salt Spray Inn. Her investigation led her to the latter, where members were— unknown to her— in a meeting with Shozim members. The Steel Shark second-in-command, orc Renora, attempted to drive Ranger Byrne off with threats, but the ranger remained and settled herself in to keep watch over the situation.

As Ranger Griatta and Deputies Theolyr and Timothy/Azrael continued their own investigation, Ranger Galadrius joined them. Ranger Griatta, assisted by Deputy Timothy/Azrael, found the trail of the murderer to lead to the Salt Spray Inn. By coincidence, or perhaps the subtle machinations of the Ascended, Ranger 1st Silver and Ranger Zori arrived at the same time. Upon the arrival of the squad of Rangers, the patrons dispersed, including the two disguised Shozim members. The Steel Sharks emerged and assaulted the rangers.

Deputy Theolyr, suspicious of the men in disguise, apprehended them before joining the battle. Ranger Griatta identified and apprehended the murderer, and Renora was slain in battle, as well as several other Steel Shark members. Upon Renora’s death, all survivors present but one surrendered, to be placed in the custody of the local constabulary. (The remaining Steel Shark is still at large as of this report.)

Deputy Timothy/Azrael and Ranger Zori investigated the Inn’s interior and discovered a barque carrying further Steel Shark members, as well as an unidentified cargo. Ranger Zori attempted to halt the escape, but was unsuccessful.

The squad returned to Coastline Grey Ranger Headquarters with the apprehended Shozim members and the murderer. Sergeant Dominguez swore the new deputies in as Rangers, and promoted Zori to Ranger 1st Class.

Rangers 1st Zori and Silver and Ranger Byrne interrogated the Shozim members, learning via Byrne’s abilities with the Way that arcfire weaponry was on its way to a warehouse in Coster’s Crossing to be transferred. With this information, the squad set out to locate the contraband and stop the trade.

One warehouse in particular was rumored to host “strange, beardless dwarves.” (See file “Builders.”) The squad attempted infiltration, but were unsuccessful, with the exception of Ranger 1st Silver, whose report indicates that she had made her way to the interior of the warehouse and overheard several exchanges without being discovered. In addition to several unidentified Builders and Street Shark members, human Hargrove Marrick, the leader of the Steel Sharks; and eldakar Dezria of Shozim were reported present. Among the armaments in the warehouse were many arcfire shooting weapons and one war golem (now scrapped).

As the infiltrating rangers were discovered, combat ensued. Ranger Byrne reports that illusory magic is effective on war golems. Ranger Griatta reports that she is effective against Builders at close range. Ranger(s) Timothy/Azrael reports that telekinetically pressing all the buttons on an arcfire device causes it to explode. Black Lantern Essten na Tarsta reports that she is worried greatly about the mental stability of some of the Coastline Rangers.

During the combat, Hargrove Marrick and the unidentified leader of the involved Builders escaped. Dezria attempted escape, but was apprehended by Ranger Theolyr and Deputy Ranger Blodwen. She, as well as the other Shozim members, have been transported to Kythros for further investigation.

It is this correspondent’s opinion that the Rangers of Coastline appear to be doing an adequate job, given the available membership. Their ability against agents of the Red Store is generally to be commended, and they are certainly among the more interesting groups under this outpost’s surveillance. While this correspondent would wish only minor incidents on them, she has some faith that they will not offer any malicious outside forces easy or continued access to this strategic area.

(1) Refer to attached notes on said person(s) for known information and speculation regarding his/their condition.

(2) It was noted that Ranger Byrne announced her mind reading ability to witnesses, which caused a drop in desire for cooperation among the populace. While fellow practitioner of the Way Zori has been assigned to guide her toward a better ability at diplomacy, it is this correspondent’s opinion that the Azure Citadel should be contacted.

(3) See “Coastline: External Reports” 12th Falling Ice 3121 to 33rd Red Wolf 3122, “Informant B”

(4) See report on Maggie Silver, attached file “Blodwen.”

The Matter of the Darsmont Church

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline responded to plea for aid from the Church of Light located north of the village of Darsmont.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 23rd of Red Wolf, 3122, Darian Danatar reporting

First, a note regarding Percival. He has withdrawn utterly from Grey Lantern duty until further notice, citing deeply personal reasons.

I don’t buy it and highly recommend deep examination on the part of the Theater, with full action on the part of the Far Reach as needed. This matter of infiltration by enemy agents, as reported from the Tarry and Lone Keep offices, has me deeply concerned. The coincidence of his departure upon my arrival is too conspicuous.

My notes on the matter with the Darsmont Church are unfortunately very sketchy, so this report will be regrettably brief and short on details.

Under the command of Ranger First Class Maggie Silver (by all accounts, very much against her will), newly-joined Rangers Artivan Galadrius, Erika, and Tha’Fera Raer of the Coastline outpost were joined by Rangers Zimeria, Rallidon Fyrforg, and Rorauk Fyrforg out of the Stahlheim outpost to respond to a request for aid from Pastor Huxley, who suspected the presence of Darkness affecting his church and its members. Three members of the clergy were apparently missing (two monks and a curate), and at least one of the priestesses insisted she sensed the presence of Darkness.

Upon arrival, the Rangers reported encountering the Azure Talons, less-than-savory mercenaries, led by Sergeant Winston Sawyer and Captain Irene Mullen, and hired by the pastor to provide basic security and defense for the crisis. The Rangers dismissed them (I am given to understand that the priest, Artivan, dismissed two of them rather violently) and proceeded to investigate the interior of the church. (Later reports indicate that, while most of the Talons were innocent of any wrongdoing beyond that expected of their trade, Captain Mullen had further involvement in the suspicious activity of the incident.

A passage was discovered revealing catacombs below; descending into these passages, with the pastor in tow, the Rangers did indeed encounter beings of Dark power, led by a necromancer calling himself Satoris, with whom they did battle. Though by all accounts it was a hard fought conflict, I am happy to say all Dark forces were dispatched and no Rangers were lost.

What I am confused by, and hoping to clear up soon, is the muddle reports of how the pastor was somehow complicit in what happened. Apparently he sought a means of regaining his station within the actual Church of Archanon, which he lost in disgrace some time ago. As well, by all accounts he is an adept, and he apparently once used his powers in service to the Prelacy. If I am to understand matters correctly, somehow he was duped into a conspiracy that may or may not have been engineered by the Prelacy to implant beings of Dark power in the region.

This whole matter feels like it’s part of this Patchwork Conspiracy I’ve picked up numerous rumors about. I intend to delve further into this as much as I can. In the meantime, I can report that the Coastline outpost, though still given to a bit of disorganization as it continues to come together, promises to be a strong and effective on in time.

With great respect and the honor to serve,

Darian Danatar

Noted Entities:

  • Pastor U. Huxley (Incarcerated at Kythros)
  • Captain Irene Mullen (Incarcerated at Kythros)
  • Sergeant Winston Sawyer (At large)
The Matter of the Happy Vulture

Mission Assignment

The newly formed Ranger outpost in Coastline is called upon to look into the matter of Corrupted beings terrorizing the nearby countryside.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 15th of Red Wolf, 3122, Percival Avondel reporting

The Grey Ranger outpost at Coastline received a call for help from a local farm: a number of livestock had gone missing, along with three farmhands, with some slaughtered livestock remains found. A large number of similar cases had recently been reported in the surrounding area. Sergeant Dominguez dispatched a squad consisting of Rangers Griatta, Zori, and Liarra Byrne, and led by Ranger First Class Maggie Silver, to the area of the most recent attack, where they found evidence of both ghouls and troglodytes, apparently working in concert. After gathering information with the survivors of the attack (1), the ranger squad tracked the creatures to a nearby forest. According to Ranger reports, a hobgoblin was also found on the scene.

All known corrupted creatures were dealt with, and the bodies dispatched with fire, by order of Ranger 1st Silver. One surviving farmhand was recovered. Ranger Griatta suffered serious wounds from the battle, and was affected by the Corruption of Spirit (in particular, Ghoul Rot), and the squad was forced to delay further investigation for her treatment. (2) Two days passed with no recovery, despite aid from the local healer. On the third day, Ranger 1st Silver appears to have been the catalyst for a full purification of the Corruption: all present reported that a “warm, bright light” (consistent with previous reports of the magic of Light) filled the room when Ranger 1st Silver took Ranger Griatta’s hand, after which the Corruption was not found again. Ranger 1st Silver has denied any personal responsibility, attributing the cure to the Silver Unicorn. (See file “Celesia” for further reference on similar cases.)

Ranger Griatta was prescribed another day of recuperation, during which time Ranger Zori was able to locate the epicenter of the farm attacks: a crossroads settlement anchored by “the Happy Vulture,” a public house and inn owned by Anzo and Melanie Gyle, taken over from the Carstairs family after their sudden deaths. (See attached document for a list of caravans and merchants in attendance during the events of this report, as well as warehouse information.) Ranger 1st Class Silver sent Deputy Blodwen (3) with a report to the outpost, and the squad left to visit the settlement.

Upon arrival at the area, Rangers Zori and Griatta gathered information from the workers at the warehouses, while Ranger Byrne and Ranger 1st Silver did so at the Happy Vulture. (Ranger Byrne maintained telepathic contact with Ranger Zori during the squad’s separation as a precaution.) Most of the information centered around the inn itself: there were rumors of hauntings; and the new cook, the dwarf Felgar, was a popular source of speculation due to unusually pale and “creepy” skin. One patron of the Happy Vulture, Julia, a friend of the Carstairs’ daughter Hanna, shared that she was investigating the disappearance of her friend during the time of the Carstairs’ deaths, as local authorities had not demonstrated an interest in pursuing the matter.

As the squad reassembled, Ranger Liarra heard a woman’s scream from the second floor of the Happy Vulture. Upon making telepathic contact with the victim, Julia, Ranger Liarra determined that she was under attack by zombies. The squad immediately moved to intervene: Ranger Griatta scaled the exterior of the building, while the other rangers entered the pub portion of the building. The door to the inn area was found locked and barricaded by zombies; Rangers Zori and Byrne and Ranger 1st Silver combined efforts to force it open.

The staff of the establishment raised objection to the Rangers’ efforts, and Felgar attacked. In the struggle, it was revealed that the “creepy skin” was poorly-applied makeup, and that Felgar was, in reality, a dwerg. Moreover, upon the rangers’ entry to the hallway, Anzo revealed himself as a Necromancer; Melanie revealed herself similarly to Griatta.

Not long after the beginning of the altercation, Ranger Slerissis arrived on scene, guided by Deputy Blodwen, and engaged Felgar while Ranger Zori attempted to dispatch the swarm of zombies and Ranger Byrne and Ranger 1st Silver struggled against Anzo. Ranger 1st Silver managed to restrain Anzo to prevent further use of the magic of Darkness, but the squad were heavily impeded by the present undead opponents. At this time, Artivan Galadrius, a Priest of Light, joined the battle. (He reported that he had been “summoned by Celesia.”) With his aid, the rangers downstairs were able to finally turn the tide, despite the arrival of Melanie.

In the building’s inn portion, Ranger Griatta destroyed the zombies upstairs and located Julia, who was heavily injured but living. After reassuring the victim, Ranger Griatta moved downstairs to find a healer, and also joined the battle. Upon defeat of the two necromancers and the dwerg, the Rangers and Artivan Galadrius immediately convened upstairs to help Julia. During treatment, she advised that they check the basement.

Leaving Artivan Galadrius to treat the victim, the Rangers investigated, and found that the new management had opened a portal to the Pale Lands, using the Carstairs family as sacrifices. Ranger Byrne communicated with the lingering spirits of the sacrifices and discovered that the portal was anchored by a hidden object, a glass globe formerly belonging to the daughter of the family. After much searching, Ranger Zori located the object in the owners’ bedroom, and Ranger 1st Silver destroyed the object, breaking the spell and closing the portal.

The only surviving staff was the bartender, who was arrested. (See attached transcript of interview, and Adept’s Notes.) Temporary ownership of the Happy Vulture has been arranged until legal proceedings can be completed. It is assumed that there will be no attacks on Coastline farmland by forces of Darkness in the immediate future, but further investigation is still required into this incident.

Ranger 1st Silver has recommended Ranger Zori for promotion in her report, citing that ranger’s competence in investigation and broad knowledge base.

(1) Ranger 1st Silver reported a donation of her wages to the family, with paperwork confirming this.

(2) Ranger Byrne was reported to have done housework and odd jobs without pay for the family during this downtime, and as such may be considered for reward in the name of aiding Ranger-civilian relations.

(3) See report on Maggie Silver, attached file “Blodwen.”


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