Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Coastline

A missive from Echer'Naught

(Addressed to Sgt. Dominguez, enclosed with Maggie’s brooch.)

Please accept my resignation, hopefully temporary. As you know, I’ve been separated from my husband for some time. While I was on duty at the signing at Echer’Naught, Colonel Wolfhaven consulted me with some pressing news regarding his whereabouts, as well as some activity involving the forces of Darkness. No force in Shaintar will keep me from pursuing this, therefore, I must excuse myself from duties in Coastline.

I shall draft some explanation as we travel. Should I fail to survive this test, I’ll have it sent to you. At the very least, I owe you and my squad that much. I’d much rather offer it in the flesh, but I think I know what I’m up against, and I can’t say it’s a safe bet that I’ll make it out the other end in one piece.

There is nothing interesting to report on the signing: things went peacefully, and so far as I could see, everyone was on their best behaviour. I did get to watch a dog try to race a Brinchie. (The Brinchie won.) In short, rather dull, which is good.

Please relay my regrets to my squad.


Ranger 1st Class Maggie Silver


Saiderin furikku

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