Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Coastline

The Matter of Ceynara's Island

Mission Assignment

Flush out the Maelstrom presence from an ancient temple to Ceynara and rescue their victims.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 30th of Harvest Moons, 3122, Essten na Tarsta reporting for Darian Danatar

Another new recruit: an Olaran by name of Olren. A rather interesting person; I recommend the attached report.

Following up from the Matter of Zem the Skittish (1), the ancient temple was finally located, and the Rangers of Coastline set out to rescue any surviving prisoners and defeat the occupying Maelstrom forces.

The group impressively dealt with the Childer ambush set up to defend the shore, then located and infiltrated the temple proper. They were fortunate enough to interrupt the ritual before any further victims could be sacrificed (2)

Perhaps the Raven was watching them that day, for it turns out that the Acolyte in charge was the very same person who eradicated Ranger Byrne’s immediate family in her youth. Ranger Byrne reportedly dealt justice to this man herself. A fitting end, and impressive from this young Adept.

The prisoners were freed without injury, and the ritual implements destroyed. One soldier- likely a local mercenary- surrendered to Ranger First Zori. There are reports that Ranger First Silver was affected mentally by the battle; I shall keep an eye on this development.

(1) See report: Rangers of Coastline, 23rd of Red Wolf, 3122

(2)Corporal Griatta has been commended for her efforts in defending prisoners during the battle.


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