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The Matter of Gab the Git

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline were sent to investigate the murder of a goblin known by the alias “Gab the Git.”

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 33rd of Red Wolf, 3122, Essten na Tarsta reporting for Darian Danatar

Investigating rangers responded to a late-morning report that Coastline citizen Gab the Git, known locally as a gambler and confidence man, (see attached file “Coastline Informant”) had been found dead by the docks from a throat wound; foul play was suspected. Responding rangers were Ranger First Class Maggie Silver and Rangers Liarra Byrne,Zori, and Griatta. At the scene, a pair of prospective recruits— eldakar sorceror Theolyr and a human sorceror alternately claiming the names Timothy and Azrael(1)— had already begun crowd control and investigation. Rangers Byrne(2) and Griatta secured the scene and deputised Theolyr and Timothy/Azrael, while Ranger Zori and Ranger 1st Silver turned their attention to the surrounding areas.

Ranger Griatta and Timothy/Azrael investigated the body; the latter discovered the remains of foreign flesh beneath the victim’s fingernails, evidence of a struggle as well as of the probable murderer. Ranger Griatta, aided by the deputies, gathered the victim’s body and set out to track down the murderer using her superior olfactory sense. Ranger Byrne left the scene to gather information on her own.

Ranger 1st Silver and Ranger Zori located the victim’s place of residence and investigated. Ranger Silver examined the area, finding and confiscating the victim’s notes regarding criminal activity in the area and copies of reports of such to local law enforcement. (3) Of particular interest were notes regarding Malakaran trade and the Red Store, and a meeting between local smuggling operation “the Steel Sharks” and the Shozim. (See respective reports for further information on both organizations.) Deputy Ranger Blodwen (4) was dispatched with an encoded message relaying the information to Ranger Zori, then, upon the deputy’s return, to Ranger Griatta.

Ranger Zori interviewed neighbors and the landlord, who suggested a human moneylender, Blarick Littlejohn, alias Blarick the Bold, alias Blarick the Blob, as a possible suspect; the victim was known to owe substantial amounts of money. Ranger Zori has determined that he has no involvement in this case. Ranger Zori seems also to have agreed to compose advertisements for his moneylending service in exchange for his help. (A strange exchange for a ranger!)

Ranger Byrne discovered the locations of the Steel Sharks’ two main hideouts: the Brass Pipe and the Salt Spray Inn. Her investigation led her to the latter, where members were— unknown to her— in a meeting with Shozim members. The Steel Shark second-in-command, orc Renora, attempted to drive Ranger Byrne off with threats, but the ranger remained and settled herself in to keep watch over the situation.

As Ranger Griatta and Deputies Theolyr and Timothy/Azrael continued their own investigation, Ranger Galadrius joined them. Ranger Griatta, assisted by Deputy Timothy/Azrael, found the trail of the murderer to lead to the Salt Spray Inn. By coincidence, or perhaps the subtle machinations of the Ascended, Ranger 1st Silver and Ranger Zori arrived at the same time. Upon the arrival of the squad of Rangers, the patrons dispersed, including the two disguised Shozim members. The Steel Sharks emerged and assaulted the rangers.

Deputy Theolyr, suspicious of the men in disguise, apprehended them before joining the battle. Ranger Griatta identified and apprehended the murderer, and Renora was slain in battle, as well as several other Steel Shark members. Upon Renora’s death, all survivors present but one surrendered, to be placed in the custody of the local constabulary. (The remaining Steel Shark is still at large as of this report.)

Deputy Timothy/Azrael and Ranger Zori investigated the Inn’s interior and discovered a barque carrying further Steel Shark members, as well as an unidentified cargo. Ranger Zori attempted to halt the escape, but was unsuccessful.

The squad returned to Coastline Grey Ranger Headquarters with the apprehended Shozim members and the murderer. Sergeant Dominguez swore the new deputies in as Rangers, and promoted Zori to Ranger 1st Class.

Rangers 1st Zori and Silver and Ranger Byrne interrogated the Shozim members, learning via Byrne’s abilities with the Way that arcfire weaponry was on its way to a warehouse in Coster’s Crossing to be transferred. With this information, the squad set out to locate the contraband and stop the trade.

One warehouse in particular was rumored to host “strange, beardless dwarves.” (See file “Builders.”) The squad attempted infiltration, but were unsuccessful, with the exception of Ranger 1st Silver, whose report indicates that she had made her way to the interior of the warehouse and overheard several exchanges without being discovered. In addition to several unidentified Builders and Street Shark members, human Hargrove Marrick, the leader of the Steel Sharks; and eldakar Dezria of Shozim were reported present. Among the armaments in the warehouse were many arcfire shooting weapons and one war golem (now scrapped).

As the infiltrating rangers were discovered, combat ensued. Ranger Byrne reports that illusory magic is effective on war golems. Ranger Griatta reports that she is effective against Builders at close range. Ranger(s) Timothy/Azrael reports that telekinetically pressing all the buttons on an arcfire device causes it to explode. Black Lantern Essten na Tarsta reports that she is worried greatly about the mental stability of some of the Coastline Rangers.

During the combat, Hargrove Marrick and the unidentified leader of the involved Builders escaped. Dezria attempted escape, but was apprehended by Ranger Theolyr and Deputy Ranger Blodwen. She, as well as the other Shozim members, have been transported to Kythros for further investigation.

It is this correspondent’s opinion that the Rangers of Coastline appear to be doing an adequate job, given the available membership. Their ability against agents of the Red Store is generally to be commended, and they are certainly among the more interesting groups under this outpost’s surveillance. While this correspondent would wish only minor incidents on them, she has some faith that they will not offer any malicious outside forces easy or continued access to this strategic area.

(1) Refer to attached notes on said person(s) for known information and speculation regarding his/their condition.

(2) It was noted that Ranger Byrne announced her mind reading ability to witnesses, which caused a drop in desire for cooperation among the populace. While fellow practitioner of the Way Zori has been assigned to guide her toward a better ability at diplomacy, it is this correspondent’s opinion that the Azure Citadel should be contacted.

(3) See “Coastline: External Reports” 12th Falling Ice 3121 to 33rd Red Wolf 3122, “Informant B”

(4) See report on Maggie Silver, attached file “Blodwen.”


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