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The Matter of the Darsmont Church

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline responded to plea for aid from the Church of Light located north of the village of Darsmont.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 23rd of Red Wolf, 3122, Darian Danatar reporting

First, a note regarding Percival. He has withdrawn utterly from Grey Lantern duty until further notice, citing deeply personal reasons.

I don’t buy it and highly recommend deep examination on the part of the Theater, with full action on the part of the Far Reach as needed. This matter of infiltration by enemy agents, as reported from the Tarry and Lone Keep offices, has me deeply concerned. The coincidence of his departure upon my arrival is too conspicuous.

My notes on the matter with the Darsmont Church are unfortunately very sketchy, so this report will be regrettably brief and short on details.

Under the command of Ranger First Class Maggie Silver (by all accounts, very much against her will), newly-joined Rangers Artivan Galadrius, Erika, and Tha’Fera Raer of the Coastline outpost were joined by Rangers Zimeria, Rallidon Fyrforg, and Rorauk Fyrforg out of the Stahlheim outpost to respond to a request for aid from Pastor Huxley, who suspected the presence of Darkness affecting his church and its members. Three members of the clergy were apparently missing (two monks and a curate), and at least one of the priestesses insisted she sensed the presence of Darkness.

Upon arrival, the Rangers reported encountering the Azure Talons, less-than-savory mercenaries, led by Sergeant Winston Sawyer and Captain Irene Mullen, and hired by the pastor to provide basic security and defense for the crisis. The Rangers dismissed them (I am given to understand that the priest, Artivan, dismissed two of them rather violently) and proceeded to investigate the interior of the church. (Later reports indicate that, while most of the Talons were innocent of any wrongdoing beyond that expected of their trade, Captain Mullen had further involvement in the suspicious activity of the incident.

A passage was discovered revealing catacombs below; descending into these passages, with the pastor in tow, the Rangers did indeed encounter beings of Dark power, led by a necromancer calling himself Satoris, with whom they did battle. Though by all accounts it was a hard fought conflict, I am happy to say all Dark forces were dispatched and no Rangers were lost.

What I am confused by, and hoping to clear up soon, is the muddle reports of how the pastor was somehow complicit in what happened. Apparently he sought a means of regaining his station within the actual Church of Archanon, which he lost in disgrace some time ago. As well, by all accounts he is an adept, and he apparently once used his powers in service to the Prelacy. If I am to understand matters correctly, somehow he was duped into a conspiracy that may or may not have been engineered by the Prelacy to implant beings of Dark power in the region.

This whole matter feels like it’s part of this Patchwork Conspiracy I’ve picked up numerous rumors about. I intend to delve further into this as much as I can. In the meantime, I can report that the Coastline outpost, though still given to a bit of disorganization as it continues to come together, promises to be a strong and effective on in time.

With great respect and the honor to serve,

Darian Danatar

Noted Entities:

  • Pastor U. Huxley (Incarcerated at Kythros)
  • Captain Irene Mullen (Incarcerated at Kythros)
  • Sergeant Winston Sawyer (At large)


Mark’s PC in this mission was Rorauk Fyrforg

The Matter of the Darsmont Church
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