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Mission Assignment

The newly formed Ranger outpost in Coastline is called upon to look into the matter of Corrupted beings terrorizing the nearby countryside.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 15th of Red Wolf, 3122, Percival Avondel reporting

The Grey Ranger outpost at Coastline received a call for help from a local farm: a number of livestock had gone missing, along with three farmhands, with some slaughtered livestock remains found. A large number of similar cases had recently been reported in the surrounding area. Sergeant Dominguez dispatched a squad consisting of Rangers Griatta, Zori, and Liarra Byrne, and led by Ranger First Class Maggie Silver, to the area of the most recent attack, where they found evidence of both ghouls and troglodytes, apparently working in concert. After gathering information with the survivors of the attack (1), the ranger squad tracked the creatures to a nearby forest. According to Ranger reports, a hobgoblin was also found on the scene.

All known corrupted creatures were dealt with, and the bodies dispatched with fire, by order of Ranger 1st Silver. One surviving farmhand was recovered. Ranger Griatta suffered serious wounds from the battle, and was affected by the Corruption of Spirit (in particular, Ghoul Rot), and the squad was forced to delay further investigation for her treatment. (2) Two days passed with no recovery, despite aid from the local healer. On the third day, Ranger 1st Silver appears to have been the catalyst for a full purification of the Corruption: all present reported that a “warm, bright light” (consistent with previous reports of the magic of Light) filled the room when Ranger 1st Silver took Ranger Griatta’s hand, after which the Corruption was not found again. Ranger 1st Silver has denied any personal responsibility, attributing the cure to the Silver Unicorn. (See file “Celesia” for further reference on similar cases.)

Ranger Griatta was prescribed another day of recuperation, during which time Ranger Zori was able to locate the epicenter of the farm attacks: a crossroads settlement anchored by “the Happy Vulture,” a public house and inn owned by Anzo and Melanie Gyle, taken over from the Carstairs family after their sudden deaths. (See attached document for a list of caravans and merchants in attendance during the events of this report, as well as warehouse information.) Ranger 1st Class Silver sent Deputy Blodwen (3) with a report to the outpost, and the squad left to visit the settlement.

Upon arrival at the area, Rangers Zori and Griatta gathered information from the workers at the warehouses, while Ranger Byrne and Ranger 1st Silver did so at the Happy Vulture. (Ranger Byrne maintained telepathic contact with Ranger Zori during the squad’s separation as a precaution.) Most of the information centered around the inn itself: there were rumors of hauntings; and the new cook, the dwarf Felgar, was a popular source of speculation due to unusually pale and “creepy” skin. One patron of the Happy Vulture, Julia, a friend of the Carstairs’ daughter Hanna, shared that she was investigating the disappearance of her friend during the time of the Carstairs’ deaths, as local authorities had not demonstrated an interest in pursuing the matter.

As the squad reassembled, Ranger Liarra heard a woman’s scream from the second floor of the Happy Vulture. Upon making telepathic contact with the victim, Julia, Ranger Liarra determined that she was under attack by zombies. The squad immediately moved to intervene: Ranger Griatta scaled the exterior of the building, while the other rangers entered the pub portion of the building. The door to the inn area was found locked and barricaded by zombies; Rangers Zori and Byrne and Ranger 1st Silver combined efforts to force it open.

The staff of the establishment raised objection to the Rangers’ efforts, and Felgar attacked. In the struggle, it was revealed that the “creepy skin” was poorly-applied makeup, and that Felgar was, in reality, a dwerg. Moreover, upon the rangers’ entry to the hallway, Anzo revealed himself as a Necromancer; Melanie revealed herself similarly to Griatta.

Not long after the beginning of the altercation, Ranger Slerissis arrived on scene, guided by Deputy Blodwen, and engaged Felgar while Ranger Zori attempted to dispatch the swarm of zombies and Ranger Byrne and Ranger 1st Silver struggled against Anzo. Ranger 1st Silver managed to restrain Anzo to prevent further use of the magic of Darkness, but the squad were heavily impeded by the present undead opponents. At this time, Artivan Galadrius, a Priest of Light, joined the battle. (He reported that he had been “summoned by Celesia.”) With his aid, the rangers downstairs were able to finally turn the tide, despite the arrival of Melanie.

In the building’s inn portion, Ranger Griatta destroyed the zombies upstairs and located Julia, who was heavily injured but living. After reassuring the victim, Ranger Griatta moved downstairs to find a healer, and also joined the battle. Upon defeat of the two necromancers and the dwerg, the Rangers and Artivan Galadrius immediately convened upstairs to help Julia. During treatment, she advised that they check the basement.

Leaving Artivan Galadrius to treat the victim, the Rangers investigated, and found that the new management had opened a portal to the Pale Lands, using the Carstairs family as sacrifices. Ranger Byrne communicated with the lingering spirits of the sacrifices and discovered that the portal was anchored by a hidden object, a glass globe formerly belonging to the daughter of the family. After much searching, Ranger Zori located the object in the owners’ bedroom, and Ranger 1st Silver destroyed the object, breaking the spell and closing the portal.

The only surviving staff was the bartender, who was arrested. (See attached transcript of interview, and Adept’s Notes.) Temporary ownership of the Happy Vulture has been arranged until legal proceedings can be completed. It is assumed that there will be no attacks on Coastline farmland by forces of Darkness in the immediate future, but further investigation is still required into this incident.

Ranger 1st Silver has recommended Ranger Zori for promotion in her report, citing that ranger’s competence in investigation and broad knowledge base.

(1) Ranger 1st Silver reported a donation of her wages to the family, with paperwork confirming this.

(2) Ranger Byrne was reported to have done housework and odd jobs without pay for the family during this downtime, and as such may be considered for reward in the name of aiding Ranger-civilian relations.

(3) See report on Maggie Silver, attached file “Blodwen.”


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