Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Coastline

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline investigate and cut off a source of deadly floaters.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 6th of Forest Dance, 3122, Essten na Tarsta reporting for Darian Danatar

There has been a new recruit in Coastline: a young aevakar named Rithian. He appears competent enough.

While guiding this recruit on patrol, Rangers First Silver and Zori and Rangers Byrne and Griatta ran into trouble from some local ne’er-do-wells: a group run by the Ollerik Brothers (which see for further information, scanty as it may be). The humans were under the influence of a new sort of floater, known on the streets as Lightning Ale,(1) which grants great physical enhancement at the cost of behaving much like one overwhelmed by the Beast, and at the risk of weeklong sleep or death. As humans have little discipline in such areas, this was clearly a dangerous problem.

The group was quickly subdued and secured in a local warehouse, cared for by an apothecary. Ranger Byrne levied her talents and connections to locate the local source of the problem, a hidden speakeasy. The rangers infiltrated and handily shut down the operation, making several arrests. (2)

Through interrogation, the regional source of the floater was discovered: Mogdar the Mindful, a very intelligent and cunning businessogre connected with the Red Store, operating out of a shack by the river.

It bears mentioning that Ranger First Zori did a stunning job acting as a buyer, and eventually convincing Mogdar to surrender. This ranger has certainly earned their leadership status!

With careful interrogation, Mogdar revealed that the ultimate source of Lightning Ale (as well as several other new floaters) was Hargrove Marrick, working with Volik the Builder.(3) Merrick’s aim was to cause suffering and mayhem in the city, as revenge for his previous humiliation, in addition to exploring a new avenue of business. (I cannot fathom a successful business with a product which runs the risk of killing customers, but perhaps there is some human logic in it.)

(1) Samples have been procured for investigation and are en route to the laboratory as of this writing. The floaters contain arcmantic as well as alchemical elements, and as such are of great interest.

(2) I have filed a suggestion to encourage further recruitment in the local constabulary to aid in the custody of those taken in by these competent rangers. I foresee a great problem in housing prisoners if their successes (and our enemies’ actions) continue.

(3) See Rangers of Coastline report “”/wikis/the-matter-of-gab-the-git" class=“wiki-page-link”> the Matter of Gab the Git" 33rd Red Wolf, 3122.

Important NPCs:
the Ollerik Brothers (at large)

Mogdar the Mindful (in custody)

Cecelia (Human soceror hired by Mogdar) (in custody)

Hargrove Merrick (at large)

Volik the Builder (at large)


Saiderin Saiderin

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