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NoteA period of time has passed where reports were not filed. In game reality, this is due to some internal issues with the Grey Lanterns. Out of game, it’s mainly just my fault as a GM

Mission Assignment

Stop the disturbance in the city.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 16th of White Stag, 3122, Corporal Erika reporting.

Upon a villager coming into the ranger compound demanding help for a disturbance in the city, I gathered what rangers were available to see to the matter. Upon arrival in one of the squares it was obvious that some sort of brawl was about to take place. It appeared that a mercinary group and some of the villagers were having a stand off. Unfortunately neither side looked ‘right.’ Both sides were jittery and not responding to normal stimuli appropriately.

Liarra stated that the same type of thing had happened in a previous mission of hers and the cause was a type of ‘floater’. Across the way I could see another party of rangers coming into the area. Between the two of us we managed to subdue most of the villagers and mercinaries. Unfortunately we could not stop two smaller groups from killing each other.

After questioning the local guardsman (whom we really need to access the training of said city guards) it was determined that they had all come out of the nearby Pelican Pub. As we go to investigate Tra’FeraRaer the druid brinchie turns into a bird to look at the surrounding area.

We talk with the bartender, whom Maeve will not give an inch to, to discover that the ‘floater’ was a drink called “The Scarlet Dram”. He had been serving this drink for a couple of weeks now. He gets his supply from a man called Joler “Jolly” Vern. The bartender agrees to relinquish the remainder of his stock and continue to give us further information regarding the subject. I will see to it that this ‘floater’ is no longer available in this city.

Tra’FeraRaer gives out a warning cry and I call for the rangers to follow immediately. I leave the guardsman to bring the stock of Scarlet Dram back to the ranger headcourters.

Tra’FeraRaer discovered Jolly himself running away from the Pub area and intercepted them. We manage to capture Jolly’s crew and the crew he had hidden away in one of the storehouses in the city. From Jolly we learn where his batch is coming from. Now that he is arrested along with his fellow criminals we shall investigate the source location.

Per Maeve the shack location is the same place that a more subtile ‘floater’ had been found and discontinued. There must be more to this shack then meets the eye. We hire a boatswoman to take us to the island. Before we arrive Tra’FeraRaer once again turns into a bird and manages to transform back into himself and stuff a bedroll into the smoking chimney. Once the smoke starts building up and causing confusion for the criminals we dock the boat and proceed to deal with the situation. The Orc Zerug we captured tells us about the hidden ladder that leads to catacombs under the shack. He dared not go down there due to Troglodytes, Hobgoblins, and the Redstore.

We make it down into the cavern only to be beset upon by said Troglodytes, Hobgoblins, and Redstore operatives. We find a portal of somesort that continually summons what can only be described as Blood Pudding people or Leechman. Maeve manages to put up some sort of light barrier to desist the continual flow of these horrible creatures. I locate the source of the spell for the portal. It is the Vampiress Tori Dragato who is protected by her lover. He seems to be somewhere inbetween being changed and not. It is hard to tell. The light from Maeve is reflected onto the vampiress while Pathfinder shoots and everwood arrow into her. Tra’FeraRaer eventually kills her by shoving the everwood arrow already in her into her dark black heart.

Tra’FeraRaer reports that there is a female brinchie face he saw at the alter behind where the Vampiress died. Luckily she did not look quite right and he managed to not fall for her promises and charms. Olren proceeds in his rage to break the alter, and his greatsword. I shall have to help procure him another one. Preferably with white silver. This shall be added into the budget.

Upon investigation the Scarlet Dram is apparently a boosted floater that is embedded with something from a being known as ’The Blood Witch". This is a Greater Being that I do not know but looking through reports it appears that there are holes from other worlds that are coming into our own.

We shall remain vigilant in our watch and continue to stamp out these floaters and the Redstore.

Additional Information:
Erika – promoted to Corpral

Olren – procured a new GreatSword

Pathfinder – has left to do his own buisness

Tra’FeraRaer – left for a druid sancutary on personal buisness.

Maeve – Has left on her own mission, followed Tra’FeraRaer


Saiderin Saiderin

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