Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Coastline

The Matter of the Troll in the Sewers

as reported by Maggie Silver

Edwin the ogre is transferred to Coastline to study with the local cathedral, who hope to get him to stop saying “Big Arky” for Archanon. And also make him an outstanding priest/paladin I guess.

The Rangers learn that some more families have been carried off by mystery monsters from the sewers. Olarans or no Olarans, it is time for action!

By “action” they mean “investigating some more to figure out where to enter.” While they’re working on that (and convincing the local populace that the hordes of small Goblinesh attackers were not, in fact, Goblins but Troglodytes), Maeve notices that they’re being shadowed. Edwin, lacking any sort of subtlety, calls out for the follower to show himself. He does.

It’s Vanetti, Maeve’s new boyfriend (she just doesn’t know it yet)! He addresses her as his “beautiful angel of Light,” causing her to blush and stammer and Maggie to grab some popcorn to enjoy the show. Turns out, he’s been lurking around and taking jobs he thinks Maeve will approve of, in hopes of impressing her, and seems to feel that the current jaunt into the sewers will fit the bill. (Also he probably wants an opportunity to check out Maeve’s butt.)

Also Maeve’s horse is now telepathic and decides that the group must be tortured with an image of a horse in a corset. That Damn Horse.

With the help of a sooperdooper map they acquired in their previous poogas adventure, the Rangers locate an entry to the area that will allow for both an ogre and a horse that is not currently wearing a corset. There, they find a lot of troglodytes, which, despite superior numbers, are quickly turned into just more mess in the sewers.

At Maggie’s instruction, Edwin does some demolition work on a wall to reveal a hallway and also skeletons, which are not terribly unusual in sewers, only these ones are moving on their own. Also they shoot Edwin, who doesn’t seem to care much but smashes them anyway.

Once all the skellingtons and trogs are smashed to bits, Our Heroes discover there is a TROLL (which they were expecting) and also SHAYAKAR (which they weren’t expecting as much). And the Shayakar recognise Maggie, because they were sent by her husband! Maggie is not thrilled about this and murdelizes a few. Maeve and That Damn Horse also do a lot of murdelizing, even though one of the Shayakars has a portal barfing out leechmans like bad sushi. Leechman sushi would probably be pretty terrible anyway.

Meanwhile, Edwin is playing whack-a-troll (thanks to aid from Liarra tying it up with illusory chains) and Liarra is rescuing the kidnapped families, who are fortunate that the troll apparently was waiting for them to ripen.

Having dealt with all the bad guys, Our Heroes return to the surface to do a lot of bathing, and everyone is happy except Maggie, who is going to have some freaked out words with her superiors re: imminent darkness issues and a possible transfer to the other side of the Everwall.


Saiderin Saiderin

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