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The Matter of Zem the Skittish

Mission Assignment

The Rangers of Coastline respond to a strange, crude note left mysteriously on the door of their HQ. It directs them to the small coastal village of Jhassa, recently attacked by slavers and childer.

Grey Lantern Report: Coastline, 23rd of Red Wolf, 3122, Darian Danatar reporting

Sergeant Dominguez discovered a crude note tacked to the door of the Coastline Ranger HQ early one morning -

_bad hapen

mor bad hapen soon

look fish vilaj cald josa

look bot

fin rats_

The Rangers figured out that the note refers to the fishing village of Jhassa, where they discovered the entire place nearly wiped out and most of the population missing or dead. Ratzin soon attacked, along with a gargoyle, and by all accounts were dispatched after some difficulty.

Further evidence revealed that Maelstrom mercenaries, using childer as shock troops, captured a large number of the population and stole them away to an awaiting ship. There is apparently a site of an ancient temple to Ceynara on a small island nearby, where sacrifices will be made in an attempt to open a Cauldron.

I am attempting to put together a task force and acquire a ship to find and sail to this island in hope of stopping the ritual and freeing those captured before they are sacrificed. Any aid from central authorities will be greatly appreciated.

With great respect and the honor to serve,

Darian Danatar

NoteZem, now the self-appointed protector of the Jhassa area, was first encountered in this mission.


Saiderin Saiderin

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