Magderun "Maggie" Ermengild, Ranger 1st Class

Quick of wit and whip, a woman with a troubled past


Rank: Seasoned
Race: Human (Wildlander)


  • Agility d6 (+2 Nimbleness Rolls)
  • Smarts d6
  • Spirit d8
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d6

Charisma: 0 Pace: 6 Parry: 8 (9) Toughness: 5 (7)


  • Fighting d10 (+1 against single-wielding enemies with no shields)
  • Notice d6
  • Persuasion d8
  • Stealth d8
  • Streetwise d6
  • Tracking d6
  • Taunt d6
  • Knowledge: Darkness d6

Defining Interests

  • Disguise
  • Drawing


  • Combat Whip (White Silver; STR+d4; No Raise damage; on Raise, target is -2 Parry OR STR roll vs. target’s STR or AGI to make target prone)
  • Parrying Dirk (STR+d4; +1 Parry if used defensively)
  • Full Scale Armor (+2/-4)
  • Bracers (+1 Parry)
  • Wedding Ring (+2 against Intimidation, Taunt, Puppet, Illusion, and other manipulations of mind/will; cannot be Corrupted or made a vampire; immune to Despoiled ground effects)

Heroic, Animosity (creatures of darkness), Enemy (Juhel Ermengild)

Heirloom (whip), Sidekick (Blodwen), Acrobat, Florentine, Tricky Fighter, Glib

Chosen of the Horn


Long, long ago, in the Age of Darkness, a dark bargain was struck in Farwatch. In exchange for the safety of the little fief, Aluered Ermengild, a local knight, agreed to sacrifice his bloodline: a member of each generation was to be made available for the invading vampire, for whatever purposes. This agreement was solemnly kept until the Ascended appeared and drove back Vainar’s forces. Over the centuries, Farwatch flourished, and the Ermengild family rose in power, for Aluered’s descendants inherited his devotion to the safekeeping of the fief, even after the memory of their sacrificial agreement had faded in the mists of the centuries.

Seventeen years ago, in the neighbouring fief of Greenvale, a third child was born to the family of Madoch Branowen, Margrave and Paladin of Light. The Margravine Magderun Branowen of Greenvale was an active, happy child, and absolutely adored her father, striving to follow in his footsteps from the moment she could move on her own. Madoch encouraged this, basking in her rapt adoration when he returned from battle campaigns, spinning tales of his valor and heroism, and helping her train with the battle whip. (A family weapon from the elder Margravine’s side: she was of Danatar stock, and her own parents had trained Madoch.)

As Magderun grew into a young lady, her family sought a suitable mate for her. The search was not long: Farwatch’s rulers had a young son near her age, and the family were impressed with the Margrave’s reputation and his daughter’s skills. Meetings and courtship were arranged, and Magderun, then eleven, was sent to Farwatch to wed Juhel Ermengild. The two were very happy, and as much in love as children can be.

It was not long after their wedding that a mysterious gloom descended on the castle. The ruling family seemed unusually grave, and strange visitors demanded audience, leading to raised voices in private chambers and strained whispers in public. And then, everything in Magderun’s life came apart at the seams.

Screams split the night. Creatures of death and terror poured into the castle, their chill seeping into every corner. Magderun fought valiantly to defend herself and her husband, but couldn’t hold off the invasion. The party of the family’s original agreement had returned after millennia to once again receive tribute.

Magderun awoke in the castle dungeon. After an eternity, Juhel appeared, accompanied by strange, pale elves. Things had changed, he explained, and life would be very different. He’d interceded on her behalf, so that she wouldn’t be executed for her crime of trying to deprive their new friend of the oungest son of the Ermengilds. All she had to do was behave as if things were normal. Upset and baffled, Magderun agreed, and joined her husband in their room again.

The castle was gray and cold now, the living residents pale and subdued. Magderun knew enough of the world to identify that Darkness had conquered Farwatch, and bristled at the idea of giving in to it. Still, she was no paladin, and it was clear her attempts at overt resistance would fail. She turned to secret resistance, and worked to sabotage their occupiers’ efforts from within.

Though this did gain her some small success, it was only a few weeks before her sabotage was discovered, and she was imprisoned again, now with no chance of freedom. As an additional punishment, she was used as a treat by the invading vampire: after all, she was married to the sacrificial Ermengild, and as such was a bonus attachment.

Her only contact with the outside world was with Juhel, who had negotiated weekly visits. Every visit, he seemed more haggard and pale, and avoided talking about anything but trivialities and fantasies. The guards ignored her, and no escape was possible. When she thought she might lose her mind from grief and boredom, she discovered the bats roosting in the air exchange of her cell.

They were large, white, and intelligent, and had a baby. With nothing else to occupy her, Magderun made the chiropteran family her world, sharing bits of her food and whispering to them, telling stories of her home, her family, and life outside. The baby grew to adulthood, and began bringing her treats and trinkets from outside- tiny testimonials of the world beyond the walls of her prison.

And then, one night, her winged friend didn’t return. She worried, though the parents didn’t appear distraught. Another night and day passed, and finally the familiar form appeared, bearing another gift: a flower grown only in Greenvale. Magderun wept at the sight, then realization dawned.

The bat flew out again the next night, bearing a message.

The answer came via Greenvale’s army, but Magderun still wasn’t free when the echoes of the battle faded to silence. Juhel’s visits stopped, and soon after, so did deliveries of food and water. The bats brought in what they could, returning the favor she’d given them. She stopped counting days and nights, and began to wonder whether she should stay alive at all.

A deep red sunrise brought with it flames and chaos. She couldn’t tell what was happening, until the walls of her prison exploded in fire. A figure loomed up from the smoke, a barbed flail in his hand. He reached out, then pulled her to him.

“My little darling! Don’t worry. Daddy’s here now.”

Her mind went white. Her body moved at her father’s command, weak and shaking. Her home was in shambles. There was no sign of her husband. Her father led her to the courtyard. Men in robes stood, chanting prayers in the tongue of the North. The name “Ceynara” came up.

“Come, Magderun. These are… friends.” A tug at her arm. She looked at the hand. Ash and blood. Her vision swam.

Her back was against the doorframe.

Her feet stumbled, pounding through debris.



The cry of a horse.


When she opened her eyes, Magderun lay in a heap on the forest floor. Everything hurt. With a chitter, a soft white weight lit onto her shoulder and groomed her face. She blinked up at the light of the moons.

A glint of silver. Her father’s whip lay by her side. Won’t he need it? What happened? She could remember nothing. She stood. She walked.

A hunter eventually found her, and he and his family took her in. Though she couldn’t remember exactly what had happened to her, she felt she needed to stay hidden, so she concocted a new identity: Maggie Silver, mysterious orphan. Otherwise, she opened up quickly to her new family, glad to be around people again, and grateful for their care.

It took weeks for her memories to return to her, slow trickles of horror that woke everyone in the house up. Her host family was sympathetic and caring, and helped her through things as best they could. She shared only parts of her past that wouldn’t give her away, and her caretakers, though suspecting there was a good deal more to the story, decided not to press her. She doesn’t remember everything, even now: She’s not sure how she got out of her prison, and thinks her father is dead.

Years passed, and Maggie Silver became more and more like one of the family, until it seemed natural that she was living with Auntie and Uncle and her cousins since her family’s death on the road. When she turned seventeen, she headed out with her family’s blessing to join the Rangers to follow in the footsteps of the hero she’d known growing up, and help protect innocent people from the horrors she’d experienced.

Magderun "Maggie" Ermengild, Ranger 1st Class

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